Excellent quality Semi Trailer Door - short lock bar type bin grid car – Fushitong

The vehicle model and the fence structure technology are combined with the user's cargo category, and are reasonably designed to meet the loading requirements. The structure is simple and applicable, and easy to disassemble, reducing the investment cost for users and creating more profit value. Frame: a space frame structure made by assembling welding of longitudinal beams and integral penetration beams. It can balance the strength, stiffness, toughness and load-carrying capacity of the frame without permanent deformation. With well experienced semi trailer production company to offer high quality and competitive prices semi trailer to our worldwide valuable customers. An professional team which is experienced with international market and has strong technical capability to customized cost effective,because we have more than 60 Designer and engineers as our solid backing.Among them,our technical adviser has more than 40years' experience in the trailer field. Frame Girder: It adopts heterogeneous holes in the girder, and the asperities penetrate the beam structure. Under the premise of ensuring the strength of the structure, it is partially reduced and its weight is lighter. The series of bar rack semi-trailer frames are through-beam structures, and the longitudinal beams are straight and gooseneck. The longitudinal beam height is from 400mm to 450mm. The high-strength plate is welded by automatic ambush welding. The frame is shot blasted to improve the surface strength. Fushitong, hook plate, low plate, bin rail semitrailer are preferred for high quality bin rail transport semitrailer, with 3-year warranty. Bin rail transport semitrailer has fine workmanship, can be used in the whole country, and its specifications can be customized. The parameters of the above products are just common configurations, not absolute.The specific configuration of the product will be executed according to your needs. We also do OEM and ODM.If you are interested in understanding our abilities and ways of cooperation, we are always welcome. The final price of all products is determined by the product configuration you choose.Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing products, please contact us in time.