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The dump semi-trailer is suitable for the transportation of bulk and scattered cargo such as coal, ore, and building materials. The carriage adopts side-turning and back-turning self-unloading methods, which can effectively improve the efficiency of the bulker's transportation of bulk cargo. Frame and The longitudinal beams of the carriage are welded from high-quality manganese plate, which has high strength, strong lifting force, good rigidity and toughness, strong bearing capacity and no permanent deformation. The main components are processed by advanced equipment. The longitudinal beam is fully submerged arc and welded. The assembly machine is used to precisely assemble the wheel axle and leaf spring. The dump semi-trailer is suitable for the transportation of bulk goods such as coal, ore and building materials. The dump semi-trailer can be divided into two categories according to its use: one is the heavy-duty and super heavy-duty dump trailer for off-road transportation, which mainly undertakes large mines Our Mission China Semi-trailer and Truck trailer, Global services We do the best to offer buyers the best semi trailer and trailer parts quickly and efficiently. One-Stop Shop fushitong  Trailer Co.,Ltd brings you hundreds of millions of Truck Trailer in over 22 different major categories, including Container Trailer, Low Bed Trailer, Cargo Trailer ,Fuel Tank Trailer, Bulk Cement Tank Trailer, etc. Technical Support, Repair Consulting As a One-stop Shop, we can supply truck trailer and trailer parts, and Technical Support, as Maintenance Video, Maintenance Manual, Spare Parts Catalogue and Parts Diagrams and so on. We always do our best to save cost for you and ensure the quality goods.Our rich-experience technical teams are standing by all the time. You can know the advance overseas technology from our products. Which bring you morecompetitive advantages.excellent quality guarantee system, modern testing means and high qualified specialist technicians. Our company is a special purpose motor vehicle manufacturing enterprise which has large scale of production, perfect Quality Management System in domestic