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The dump semi-trailer is suitable for the transportation of bulk and scattered cargo such as coal, ore, and building materials. The carriage adopts side-turning and back-turning self-unloading methods, which can effectively improve the efficiency of the bulker's transportation of bulk cargo. Frame and The longitudinal beams of the carriage are welded from high-quality manganese plate, which has high strength, strong lifting force, good rigidity and toughness, strong bearing capacity and no permanent deformation. The main components are processed by advanced equipment. The longitudinal beam is fully submerged arc and welded. The assembly machine is used to precisely assemble the wheel axle and leaf spring. We can buy dump semi-trailer to fushitong!  We are specialized in manufacturing various types of dump semi-trailer. The dump semi-trailer is low in price and fast in delivery. More than 60000 drivers of the semi-trailer have witnessed it. Set product design, scientific research and development, production and sales as one, professional - worthy of your trust. High quality and low price, good service. Welcome to consult fushitong semi-trailer manufacturer. Get the new products, and meet your processing requirements.Our quality products help you to win money and earn much time. We have high standards of machinery and automation equipment, strong R&D and production, service team. Specialized in providing customers with feasible suggestions and solutions, dedicated to providing customers with the best quality product transportation. Serve the global market! As the reliable and professional heavy duty trucks & trailers supplier, we are specialized to offer SINOTRUK Tractors, Dump Trucks/Tippers, Concrete Mixer Trucks, Water/Oil /Fuel Tank Trucks, Sprinkling trucks, Garbage trucks, Log carrier trucks, All-wheel drive trucks, Fire-fighting trucks, Refrigerator trucks, Crane Trucks etc. and various Trailers for special purposes with rich experience for exporting.We can customize according to your requirement and be sure the prices we offer are very competitive in this field.