New Fashion Design for Truck Mounted Snow Blowers - flat wing semi-trailer – Fushitong

The loading and unloading efficiency is high. The lift height of the car body wing is higher than that of the front and rear panels. In the open state, the cargo can be loaded and unloaded from multiple angles, which greatly improves the loading and unloading efficiency and is more suitable for the requirements of convenient and fast loading and unloading of modern logistics. The top of the car is closed and cannot be opened; the side wings can be opened, and the wing panel can be opened at 90 degrees; the side wing panel of the car can be up and down two sections, the upper part is connected to the top wing panel, the lower part is a railing, and the lower rail is four or three Segment type; or flanking plate is integral type, there is no railing at the lower part. Facilitate the loading and unloading of goods and improve the loading and unloading efficiency. Fushitong vehicle industry series van is divided into box type potential semi-trailer and two types of chassis modified van. The wing span semi-trailer adopts the closed side guard rail design, which effectively reduces the lateral risk when the vehicle is driving at high speed and reduces the energy consumption. The rear guard design has reasonable trolley accessories, which is convenient for operation. Good quality: A.Strong technical force, advanced equipment, reliable quality, flexible operating mode, strict quality control system, B.Have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHASA18001 and CCC (China Compulsory Certification), C.Our brand is a reputable brand in China and enjoys a high reputation in the market The vehicle has a reasonable structure, strong bearing capacity, simple operation and beautiful appearance. The product can be designed and modified according to user requirements to meet the individual needs of customers.