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Low flatbed transport semi-trailer is suitable for various steel equipment transportation of various mechanical equipment, large objects, highway construction equipment, large tanks, power station equipment, etc., with a wide range of uses, efficient and fast; The series of low flatbed semi-trailers have flat, recessed beam and exposed tire structures. Its frame is stepped and the longitudinal beam section is I-shaped. It has the characteristics of high rigidity and high strength; The main plane of the frame cargo platform is low, which ensures the stability of transportation and is suitable for carrying various types of engineering machinery, large equipment and steel; The entire vehicle is optimized by an advanced computer-aided design system, and the optimization design is flexible and diverse. The frame bearing surface is designed according to user requirements to meet the transportation of various special goods. Flat transporter, also known as flat car, construction machinery transporter, excavator transporter, excavator flat car, flat trailer and excavator trailer, is mainly used to transport some non removable objects such as excavators, loaders, harvesters, drills, rollers, pipe jacking machines, forklifts, etc Main Parameter 1. The car transports 40 feet of containers. 2. The frame height at the traction pin is 90mm. 3. The wheelbase 7070+1310+1310mm corresponds to the rear suspension 1640mm, and the wheelbase 7170+1310+1310mm corresponds to the rear suspension 1940mm. 4. Side and rear lower guards, material: Q235. Connection: rear protection is welded, side protection is bolted, cross section of rear guard: 140mm × 58mm. Height from ground: 530mm. Unique one-piece,special heat-treated, low-alloy steel axle beam, offers more stability,greater capacity and lighter weight , long service life * Spider camshaft and anchor pin bores are machined with reference to the spindle after the welding operation---increases stability and braking performance * Improved seals at camshafts---protect he brake drums from the grease lubricant, more safely * New 100% tight fit hub cap with additional "O" ring--- provide optimum sealing performance