Gooseneck van

The van transport semi-trailer is suitable for the transportation of home appliances, light textile goods, coal, sand and other building materials and pallet goods. The box body is made of high-strength cold-rolled corrugated steel sheet, without skeleton structure, large loading space, and reasonable distribution of the box body; X-type stays have the characteristics of multi-draw, heavy load, and light weight. Type, open type, open tarpaulin type, etc., easy to operate, meet the diverse and personalized requirements of users. The van transport semi-trailer frame is a through-bracket structure, adopting straight or gooseneck type, the longitudinal beam height is from 400mm to 500mm, and the manganese plate is welded by automatic ambush welding. Into the stringer and weld the whole. The frame of van type semi-trailer is of beam passing structure, and the longitudinal beam is of flat type or gooseneck type. The web height is from 400 to 550, the longitudinal beam is automatically welded, the frame is shot blasted, and the transverse beam is penetrated into the longitudinal beam and welded as a whole. Box structure: the box body is made of high-strength cold-rolled corrugated steel plate without framework structure, with various choices in the center, large loading space, reasonable distribution in the box body, X-type brace, with the characteristics of multi pull, heavy load and light self weight. The car roof has closed type, push open type, open type, open type instead of tarpaulin pole type, etc., which is easy to operate and meets the diversified and personalized requirements of users. The structure is reasonable and has strong rigidity and hardness, which is used to support the load and slow down the impact. The closed side protection design is adopted for the van type semi-trailer, which can effectively reduce the lateral risk and energy consumption when the vehicle is driving at high speed. The rear protection design has reasonable trolley accessories, which is convenient for operation.